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Jam Session Dec 2023

Sinister Singing
The laughs never end!

We started a function to help us reach our community better and get to know them, we call it our jam session. This is a nice and relaxing vibe were we all get together with one common goal, to play music. We strum and pick, sing and scream all in the name of fun. Whether you are an expert guitarist or novice all are welcome to bring an instrument and play along. Do you know how to play a song? Well let us know and we will try and play it along with you. Did someone say cowbell!!!! Can't play or sing not a problem come meet and talk with us share stories with us an learn what we are about. This is a great way for us to meet locals in our community and tell them what we are about and what we do. Hope to see you at our next Jam Session stay tuned to our main page of website to see upcoming events.

Gandolf taking a break

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