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In Memory lite up from behind
Short heavyset white male brown hair wearing biker leather jacket with patches: deceased


June 26th, 1962 - February 28, 2011

Father, Son, Brother, Friend, Combat Veteran, Patriot--Army Ranger, 1st BN, 75th Airborne Infantry Made a Combat Jump during the invasion of Granada. CIB Recipient.

Large tall white male short blond hair wear glasses, leather biker jacket with patches: deceased.


Mar 14, 1944 - Nov. 3rd, 2012

Husband, Father, Brother, Combat Veteran and Patriot. Bill proudly served 25 years in the Navy Seabees, and retired a highly decorated Builder Senior Chief Petty Officer. Spent three tours in Vietnam.

Short white mail wearing hat with brown beard and glasses w/ biker vest and patches: deceased

Thomas "Mayhem" Canady

Brandi Majerus presented him with the 2017 Chapter "Angel Coin".

He is remembered and missed.

Big white bald male with white beard wearing black shirt seated in front of drink: deceased

Jeffery "BBG" Wison

Jeffrey “BBG” Wilson - Sergeant At Arms: Oct 2, 1958 - Oct 21, 2020. Served in the Navy (1977) as a Radioman aboard the USS Enterprise (CVN-65), Army National Guard (1986) as a Combat Medic, Army (1993) as a Cavalry Scout, completing two tours of duty in Iraq. In 2010, he medically retired from the Army as a Staff Sergeant. He currently worked as a Health Tech at the VA Tennessee Valley Healthcare System (Alvin C. York Campus) in Murfreesboro. He is remembered and missed.

Jim Jop Joplin.jpg

Jim "Jop" Joplin

James retired as an E7 from the US Army where he served for 37 years and was a member of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Assoc. After retirement from the military, he was a furnace operator at Kenne Metal.

He is remembered and missed.

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