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Long Range Riding Platoon


The mission of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association®(CVMA®) Long Range Riding Platoon (LRRP) is to foster camaraderie within the Association through the member’s attendance at runs outside the borders of their home state as well as events located within the borders of their state that are sanctioned by the State Rep. In addition, it is to encourage members to break through their personal riding barriers and to not be afraid to reach out and put some hard earned miles on their motorcycles. The LRRP is strictly voluntary and is open to all CVMA members who successfully complete the requirements for the wear of the National LRRP patch.

Note: This calendar is for Tennessee and surrounding meetings and sanctioned events.

LRRP Meetings and Sanctioned Events

CVMA® Long Range Riding Platoon - Finish the Mission!

PURPOSE: The LRRP purpose is to encourage camaraderie within CVMA® by promoting interactions among members regardless of location throughout the Association. LRRP recognizes members that accumulate significant mileage riding to attend CVMA sanctioned events both inside and outside of their home state.

PROGRAM: The LRRP is a CVMA National Riding Recognition Program managed by the State Representatives (SRs) for the members of their State.

ELIGIBILITY: The program is strictly voluntary and open to all CVMA members.

RECOGNITION: The LRRP Patch recognizes CVMA members for their long-distance riding accomplishments. CVMA members who successfully complete LRRP Requirements may purchase and wear the LRRP Guidon and appropriate tab(s). SRs will annotate LRRP awards (date and qualification) in the member’s 201 file.

PATCH: The CVMA LRRP Award shall be a patch in the shape of a military guidon. The color of the patch shall be gold with a red border and black lettering. “COMBAT VETERANS” will be printed on the top of the guidon patch with an image of a motorcycle encompassing the letters “LRRP” centered on the patch and the text “LONG RANGE RIDING PLATOON” on the bottom of the guidon patch. The size of the patch is 4” by 2”. To display completion(s), tabs with year and qualification completed (Finish the Mission, Tri-State, and Inner-State) are available. Earned tabs may be placed below the LRRP Guidon patch for wear.

WEAR: The LRRP Patch shall not be worn above the CVMA Back Patch or above the American Flag. Each awardee may continue to wear this award regardless of their Chapter affiliation as a showing of their accomplishments to other CVMA chapters.

QUALIFICATIONS: To be eligible to purchase the National LRRP patch you must be a CVMA Member and meet ONE of the following criteria within a calendar year:

  1. FINISH THE MISSION (FTM): Single award per calendar year for riding to OR from the National Annual Meeting. The member must ride 1,000 miles (or farther) within a single 24-hour period either to OR from the CVMA National Annual National Meeting.

  2. TRI-STATE: Single award per calendar year for riding to three (3) separate out-of-state Sanctioned Events in three different states (National Sanctioned Events, Regional Sanctioned Events, or State Sanctioned Events). All events must be a minimum of 100 miles in travel one-way via the most direct route. Can complete consecutive events.

  3. INNER-STATE: Single award per calendar year for riding to multiple separate Home State Sanctioned Events (National Sanctioned Events, Regional Sanctioned Events, State Sanctioned Events, Chapter meetings other than member’s own). Sanctioned event mileage not counted towards compiled mileage. Compiled mileage must equal or exceed 1500 miles for travel to / from / between Sanctioned Events and Chapter meetings within the Home State during the calendar year. Cannot be combined with Tri-State.

  4. GRAND SLAM: Single award per calendar year for riding and being awarded all three tabs in the same calendar year (Finish the Mission, Inner-State, and Tri-State). The Finish the Mission must count as a single event and cannot be used as one of the three States for Tri-State events.

FEES: Contact your State Rep on processing fees. Once fees have been paid, the fees are non-refundable. Funds remaining after costs of patch(es) and shipping will be maintained by the respective State for use as decided by that State. SRs will be transparent and accountable for these funds to the State members. LRRP members will pay the full $25.00 registration fee for year’s 1st completed event. CVMA LRRP award patch MUST be purchased with first award and may be purchased with subsequent awards/tabs.

$25.00 - CVMA LRRP Award Patch and Tab for Qualification Award
$15.00 - Tab Only or 2 for $25.00 for subsequent Qualification Awards

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