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Christmas Time in TN 18-1

For those that did not know, we adopted another Veteran Family this past Christmas. The parents did not want anything for themselves, only their children. Those children were close to our chapter as they were family of one of our Fallen.

I want to again thank those who were able to make this family smile during challenging times. A special thank you to “Lucky” for beautifully wrapping the gifts.

"They were excited and very touched. I kept the CVMA gifts separate from the others and had them set up in Bulls room where he stayed most of the time. I wanted the kids to have a good moment in his room. It was the first time they had been in it since he died.

Me, Lady A, Poker and my brother took them back to his room. I explained to them our chapter adopts different kids each Christmas and buys them gifts and their names happen to be the ones sent to us. I told them that "Papaw" loved CVMA and he loved family and would want nothing more than for them to be able to have a good Christmas."

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